Fuck it I’ll just get both.

Studio life continued.


Help which one should I buy.

None of you are very helpful.

Help which one should I buy.

So I’m back to considering a Chromebook.

Because I realized that I can use my iPhone as a hotspot and connect the Chromebook to it, so even if I’m not in normal WiFi I can still use the machine (somewhat).


  • Client: So what's your favorite color?
  • Interviewee: Blue, because it's masculine and for boys, you know? It's strong, a strong color man.
  • Me (conducting): Actually blue used to be the "feminine" color and pink was the color attributed to boys. It wasn't until the 40s that this took a shift.
  • Interviewee: Nuh.
  • Me: Pink was the "stronger" of the colors.
  • Interviewee: Nah man you're lying.
  • Me: Okay. Sure.

So the movie ends with a strange combination of violence and CGI bees.

  • Director: "Alright Nic, so in this scene you literally jump-kick Leelee Sobieski here..."
  • Leelee Sobieski: "Hiya."
  • Director: "...and then you steal the bear suit from Diane Delano, who you punched out in the scene prior."
  • Diane Delano: "Heya."
  • Nic Cage: "Sounds good to me."

I feel like Nic Cage’s natural state is the wacky, insane, scene-chewing, bonkers dialogue that he manages to squeeze into every film he is in but directors and writers keep trying to place him in roles that are 90% straight-man.


The man wants to lose his shit.

Let him lose his shit.

  • nic cage: i'm allergic to beez
  • nic cage: *bumps into bee hive*
  • nic cage: *runs further into bee hive territory instead of backward, away from bee hive territory*
  • nic cage: *runs as close to neighboring bee hives as possible, bumps more bee hives*
  • nic cage: *sticks dick into bee hive hole*
  • nic cage: *marries bee, has bee children*