too much stress

not enough butts

Fuckboy, I summon you.

So my manager bounced out of work way early yesterday and was like “fuck this joint learn how to do my job” and then called in sick today and then another manager left at 1 and I was alone for 5 hours running the entire HR department so I kind of feel like I am 100% validated in buying some beer and some Kazoozles.

I bought a footstool for me, but because I’m such a wonderful Dad I flipped it on its side and threw a blanket in it and now she had a hidey hole.

You’re welcome, you ungrateful little monster.



Unfollow me more.

In The Last Starfighter, a 20-something breaks the high-score on an arcade game and soon finds himself drawn into an intergalactic war: the game wasn’t a game, but a test to see who has the skills to battle the Ko-Dan Empire and restore peace to the galaxy.

What arcade game would you want to break top score on, knowing that you’d take those particular skills into that world to compete against a real evil?

What real game is your Last Starfighter?

Do I buy you…

  • me: *has no money*
  • me: *buys video games anyway*

I love this game.

It is so good.

I love Final Fantasy.

I love Square.

Curtain Call is a rhythm game on the 3DS which utilizes songs from all of Final Fantasy’s history. From the first NES title to Lightning Returns. You collect characters, songs, chimes, and all kinds of shit as you play through tracks and stages. You also collect trading cards, both rare and common, through normal play and online matches.

Playing this game is like rediscovering foods you used to love but haven’t eaten in years. It is a reminder of how important these characters and stories were while growing up, and all of the small experiences and memories attached to summons and airships, magic and witches.

It makes me want to play through every Final Fantasy game there is. There are so many I never sat through, that I never owned:

  • Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII
  • Dissidia Final Fantasy
  • Final Fantasy XIII-2
  • Dissidia 012[duodecim] Final Fantasy

And the mobile games. I never beat FF13 or IX either. Or Crystal Chronicles. Or Mystic Quest. And I never beat Dirge of Cerberus.