Five songs on random, what they mean:

1. “Scratch the Surface” - Nic Armstrong: My first trip back to Pittsburg after leaving mid-junior year of high school. I was maybe 23 and Eliana and I drove to San Francisco, but before heading home we stopped at my old high school. I was torn from the place by my mother, which resulted in all kinds of trauma. This song was playing while we drove past the park on Harbor Street.

2. “Take Me Out” - Franz Ferdinand: Game Crazy in Lodi, Joe and Santiago and Sky and company worked the outlet, and I worked in the Hollywood Video next door. It was the first time that I really started to take in indie music, at least consciously, and I remember this song along with the Killers playing on the speakers while they worked.

3. “Superman’s Dead” - Our Lady Peace: My bedroom in Pittsburg, CA. I lived on 105.3’s broadcasts, alternative music, and cut my own mixtapes on the daily. This was a song that was long out of my grasp, I could never catch it in time and only recorded a third of it. But then I received a gift certificate to The Warehouse, and this was the CD that I bought, “Clumsy”.

4. “Monster” - Sons & Daughters: Late-night Jack in the Box runs with my then-best-friend Nic. For a short time neither of us were working, and we’d often times drive in my car to the Jack in the Box four blocks away at the oddest hours to fuel up before spending the rest of the night locked away in our rooms on the Internet: He’d be designing web pages, I’d be writing video game reviews.

5. “California One Youth & Beauty Brigade - The Decemberists: Los Angeles with Nic and Tiba. Nic and I had gone on a roadtrip to Irvine to see some old high school friends, and part of that trip was seeing The Decemberists in L.A., a show that was fantastic and topped with this song. 

Eventually everything you love will remind you of something heartbreaking.

I’m trying to get as drunk as I can in as little time as possible before I have to sleep and go back to work tomorrow.



I don’t listen to music anymore.

I just listen to podcasts.

You’ve just heard over the news that the zombie apocalypse is starting.

Do you A) hole up and defend, or B) venture outside?

Joe yells at The Amazing Spider-Man 2, and Valerie and I chime in.

yes hello mr. president there are a lot of video games i want but i don’t have money for?? please speak on that a little

20 minutes of me being angry at The Amazing Spider-Man 2.