last moments


the weekend.

“If you like the same food and sex positions then you’re compatible!”

— Linda, Bob’s Burgers
Oh to be 20 again.

Oh to be 20 again.

The view from my window is so nice and green.


Someone write me a training regiment for upper body.

I am solid on my running for cardio, but I’m faltering in strength training and I don’t really know where to start. I’m very inconsistent because I don’t have a solid schedule/lineup of exercises to do. I don’t have a weight bench, I only have a pull-up bar and some hand weights ranging from 3-15 lbs.

I want to grow some shoulders.

Today is the first time in three weeks that my foot hasn’t hurt after doing a run. And it was over 5 miles, so I definitely put some strain on it.

Fucking finally.

Sometimes I wonder

if I were a lady

what sort of boobs would I have.

Would they be small? Big? Perky? Droopy?

I know what kind of butt I’d have. I imagine it’d be the same as I have now


This holiday sucks because I don’t care about Jesus or weed.