Anonymous asked: what's your kik?

I am pretty sure it is tehjeff.

Seriously the only Kik messages I seem to get are from robot women with strange names trying to recall a meeting we had on some vague date and place.

  • me: i'm not going to masturbate for a week
  • me 15 minutes later: i'll be in my bunk

I need a hamburger and a beer and I need it 45 minutes ago

Wasn’t expecting to go that far today. OH WELL.

A better slogan than what was first suggested, “Sucks More Than Any Other Vacuum”.

If I were on the East Coast there would be all kinds of people still awake to read my posts on the West Coast.

  • me having sex: u just got boner'd
  • me when people are mean: alright whatever
  • me when people are nice: *gross sobbing*