First person to send me an ask will get a Steam copy of this game. Because it’s a bonus in the recent Humble Bundle and I already own it.

Edit: And it’s gone.

Anonymous said: You're pretty cool


Reading the Neon Genesis Evangelion Wiki legitimately gives me anxiety.

I’m really good at thinking of shit on-the-spot but terrible at developing ideas over a long period of time.

I’d be lying if I said I didn’t totally want the new Apple Watch.

Because I do.

I just like the idea of having something unobtrusive and connected to my person that can access most of the functionality of my phone. Because I hate pulling out my phone, awkwardly cradling it, and constantly pulling it out of my pocket and putting it back in when done.

Sure, that’ll still happen, but for texts and emails and music and phone calls I can fucking talk to my goddamned wrist. I’m fucking Johnny fucking Quest over here, motherfucking Dick Tracy sending emojis and shit from my picture-box Casio straight to the Chief of Police.

Also, you can fucking set up your phone with the camera at the ready across the room, and you can fucking see what the view finder is looking at ON THE WATCH. YOU CAN BASICALLY WATCH YOURSELF JERK IT ON YOUR NON-DOMINANT WRIST BECAUSE THE OTHER IS HITTING THAT SHIT HARD. YOU CAN RECORD YOUR RAUNCHY SEX FUCK TIMES AND WATCH THE STREAM IN REAL-TIME FROM ACROSS THE ROOM.


Welp, back to using my old laptop.

The cheap Acer I bought was a total piece of shit. I mean yeah, it was inexpensive, but the reviews painted it very differently than what the reality actually was.

I had to SLAM my fingers onto each key to get them to register, and the fucking speakers were UNDERNEATH the system. What? What?

Aside from that it was so sluggish even after I stripped it of all the packaged software. 

I’m taking it back to Target tomorrow for a refund, luckily I have everything that came with it and can get the credit back. 

The hunt for a new laptop continues.

I would love something like a Chromebook but I don’t want to be reliant on an Internet connection to do simple tasks. I want something fast and peppy but light and portable, I don’t need it to do any heavy hitting. I just need it to run web browsers and some light image/text editing.



If I won the lottery the first thing I’d do is buy all of the special edition 3DS handhelds.

New computer, same cat.